Marovic announced a lawsuit against ‘’Vijesti’’ and ‘’Dan’’

Vice president of DPS Svetozar Marovic announced a lawsuit against newspapers ‘’Vijesti’’ and ‘’Dan’’, after the two media today announced that his wife Djordjina Marovic had 3.8 million dollars at the account in a Swiss branch of HSBC bank.

After testifying in the case of Kosljun, he said that he read the news in today’s newspapers.

“I read it in the press, and it would not be worthy of my comments if I didn’t have a responsibility to the public, taking into account these sources of information that, in an alliance of activated evil, if I may say so, are aimed against some people in Montenegro. There is my obligation to my family, my friends and my party. All they find in any bank, from any member of my family, I’m giving to my enemies to finance their activities against me and my friends”, said Marovic.

He said he would gladly participate in seeing how they will spend that money.

“My responsibility is to hire my friends lawyers who will take legal actions against all the participants in this type of presentation of lies, and I will include both the ones who reported and the ones who gave their sources. I hope that, here or abroad, I will find the truth”, said Marovic.

Marovic today testified in the case of “Kosljun”, in which the President of the Municipality of Budva Lazar Radjenovic, Jelica Petricevic, Alexander Ticic and Vido Radjenovic are suspected of buying and selling the municipal land on Kosljun in October 2007.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro