Marovic did not appear at the hearing, but he has not given up on the plea bargain: Hearing scheduled for 1 September

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Svetozar Marovic’s attorney, Zdravko Begovic, has confirmed for the CDM news portal that his client has not show up this morning in the High Court where a major hearing, related to one of the plea agreements Mr Marovic had signed with the Special Prosecutor’s Office, should have been held.

“Marovic is sick. He has submitted medical documentation to the court, which shows that he suffers serious health issues”, Begovic explained.

He has also pointed out that Marovic’s absence does not mean he gave up the plea bargain.

“There was no possibility to avoid concluding the plea agreement. He voluntarily accepted the agreement”, Begovic said.

The hearing has been postponed for 1 September at 11 am.

Marovic earlier pledged being the head of a criminal group that cost the budget of the Municipality of Budva tens millions of euros.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro