Marovic has pleaded not guilty, detained for 48 hours

The mayor of Budva Lazar Radjenovic, manager of the city Milena Marovic Bogdanovic, former mayor and vice mayor of Budva Rajko Kuljaca and Dragan Marovic, as well as councellor in the government of Montenegro and former municipality officer in Budva Aleksandar Ticic were arrested in Budva this morning arround 6am.

They were arrested under the warrant of the Special prosecutor’s office under suspicion of abusing their public service position during the construction of TQ Plaza and plateu on Jaz beach and causing several million euros damage to the municipality of Budva.

Several more people who were members of the Commission for evaluation of works, among them Milenko Medigovic, Miodrag Samardzic, Dragica Popovic and Milojka Kovacevic, were also arrested in this action.

Arrested individuals were brought to the office of the chief special prosecutor Milivoje Katnic this morning around 7:30 am. After the hearing, Dragan Marovic was given a 48 hours detention.

“My client denied that he abused his public service position”, said Zdravko Begovic, lawyer of Dragan Marovic.

Begovic explained that supposedly the damage is estimated to be around 7 million euros, according to prosecution.

Supreme national prosecution didn’t want to issue any statements regarding the exact level of damage that former Budva’s leadership could be charged for.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro