Marovic in poor condition, Ilinčić knows where the millions are

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Physical and mental health of the prime suspect in Spuz penitentiary, detained for high-level corruption, Svetozar Marovic, is allegedly getting worse from day to day. This dramatic change in his condition is allegedly associated with the new evidence presented to him, learns daily newspaper Dnevne Novine.

Unofficially, this is material evidence in which several witnesses talk about his corruption practices and multi-million dollar damage to the state.

But this is not the only Marovic’s problem: the prosecution has intensified negotiations with the magician of financial fraud, Olivera Ilinčić, once his “right hand” and now, according to insiders, the enemy who could cost both prison and money.

According to information forwarded to Dnevne Novine daily, certain foreign services are also interested in Mrs. Ilincic’s actions. Common speculation says that she, on behalf of Marovic, executed several multi-million transactions, exported the money abroad and “took it off the account” on her own.

There are suspicions that she had the assistance of two Britons, who, in several deals “two feet from the sea” got their piece of the pie – a third of everything. They then allegedly presented themselves as an investment fund, which even asked for diplomatic assistance with subsequent local barriers.

Whether Marovic was really this reckless with Iinčić remains in the domain of assumptions. What is certain is the evidence presented to the Special Prosecutor’s Office, that Marovic took million euros from Budva businessman, Gojko Kapisoda, and then partially repaid it from the municipal budget. Kapisoda recently described in detail how Marovic sought assistance in the form of a loan of five million euros, which the businessman held with the First Bank, allegedly earning this amount from a sale.

Kapisoda, 78-year-old resident of Budva, owns in this municipality land complex of almost 50 thousand square meters on the Košljun hill, and several other attractive properties. He says Marovic came to him nearly seven years ago, asking to borrow five million euros, allegedly for the state. According to unofficial information, Kapisoda was told the municipality will return the money. HE said he had trouble getting his money back, although Marovic guaranteed it, and although they remained in close contact ever since.

However, since Marovic could not repay the money personally, he reportedly made a deal through contracts for the construction of a wastewater treatment plant in the village of Vjestice above Becici, boosting them for three million euros, “overpriced” the construction job, in order to return the money to Kapisoda.

Other witnesses told virtually the exact same story of how this contract was “beefed up” in order to pay Kapisoda. Mr. Kapisoda admitted part of this money was given back.

Symptomatic is also the fact that Lazar Aković, lawyer who has been mediating negotiations between Ilinčić and the prosecution, was beaten two nights ago in Podgorica, just a couple of days after DN daily published information that negotiations with her are in progress. There is speculation that Aković recently visited Iliničić in her hometown, Belgrade, where he passed on the requirements of the Prosecution.

Aković did not wish to comment the case for DN, explaining he has no authority.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro