Marović in Prosecution yesterday: Decided to make a plea bargain

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High official of the Democratic Party of Socialists DPS Svetozar Marović was at the Special Prosecution yesterday with his attorney, where they negotiated on pleading guilty in many Budva affairs that have cost the municipality tens of millions of EUR.

According to Weekend Edition Dnevne Novine daily, this was a first conversation about a guilty plea between Marović and Prosecution. It was impossible to learn what was offered to him from the official sources.

Marović’s defense, attorney Zdravko Begović, refused to comment on the conversation, citing the secrecy of the process.

After he had finished a conversation with the Special Prosecutor, Marović left the Prosecution through the space of Ministry of Justice, avoiding to be photographed.

Cases „TQ Plaza”, “Prijevor” and “Jaz” are put together by Prosecution into one case, but Marović is charged with abuse of official position with elements of fraud in cases “Bulevar Bečići”, “WTE -Vještica”, “Kopirajt”, “Krapina” and “Properti investments” as well. These cases cost Budva 15.000.000 EUR. Marović denied his involvement in these cases, saying he was not the superior to the people who have done those questionable actions.

Marović was arrested on December 17th last year, by the order of Special Prosecutor Milivoje Katnić.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro