Marovic: Neither I betrayed anyone, nor lie about anyone, nor do I intend to do such a thing

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For the first time since he got out of prison, Svetozar Marovic publicly announced. Dan newspaper carried that Marovic denied the allegations of certain media outlets that he was negotiating with foreign intelligence services in order to compromise state leaders.

“Neither I betrayed anyone, nor lie about anyone, nor do I intend to do such a thing. I do not blame anyone for anything. And God help those close to me who did that, who slandered and who washed their hands of everything in the Pontius Pilate’s manner”, he said. Marovic was arrested on 17 December last year on suspicion of participating in illegal activities which cost the budget of the Municipality Budva tens of millions of euros. On 17 May, he signed two plea agreements based on which he has to spend four years and four months in prison and to pay €100,000 euros to charity. Immediately after signing the agreements, he was released from prison, where he spent six months.

Marovic admitted that he was head of a criminal group in the projects Jaz, TQ Plaza, Copyright, Krapina, VTE, Bulevar and Prijevor, costing the municipal budget millions of euros.

Special Prosecutor’s Office has launched financial investigation against Marovic in order to find out whether he put the money illegally earned in these projects in his own pocket. After that, the Prosecutor’s Office will determine how much money the DPS’s official will have to return to the state budget.

In addition to Svetozar Marovic, his brother Dragan and son Milos also signed plea agreements with the prosecutors.

In mid-June, Svetozar Marovic resigned from all positions in DPS.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro