Marovic out of jail

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An official of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) Svetozar Marovic, has been released from custody this morning, after he signed a plea agreement on Monday.

In front of the prison he was welcomed by his daughter Milena Marovic Bogdanovic and security. Marovic did not want to answer the questions from journalists.

His lawyer, Zdravko Begovic said that he could not say more details about the nature of the agreement which was signed by Marovic, because of the secrecy of the proceedings.

“Marovic concluded a plea agreement with the special prosecutor and also accepted responsibility for the criminal acts. As for the details of agreement, you know that it is the secrecy of the proceedings, and I am obliged not to share information concerning current investigation and all information on the conditions under which the agreement is concluded, you can get from the state authorities, “Begovic said.

Media reports that by signing the plea agreement, Marovic has agreed to a prison sentence of not less than four years in prison, and also to indicate where is more than 15 million euros. Marovic has been nearly five months prison, but his health condition is getting worse day by day , particularly after he was presented the material evidence collected against him. It is believed that this is the reason he decided to end his agony.

Marovic was arrested on 17 December last year.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro