Marovic paid 450.000 francs for disappearance of Swiss evidence?

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Special public prosecution opened another in a series of cases against former DPS official Svetozar Marovic under suspicion that he paid 450.000 francs for bribing Swiss administration, in order to prevent the evidence for his once secret multi-million account in Swiss HSBC bank to arrive in Montenegro, it was reported by Dnevne newspaper.

Key witness for new case is citizen of Podgorica Veselin Mujovic, who is in custody under suspicion that he took 800.000 euros from Marovic in order to allegedly provide him a better treatment in prosecutor’s investigations.

According to reliable information from Dnevne newspaper, Mujovic explained in details how was designed and put into action the operation of bribing in Switzerland.

“Mujovic said that he was personally involved in all of this, and that transfer of money and the main meeting were done in Italy. He also mentioned the names of other accomplices. For now one person has been questioned and they confirmed his statements. He was recently questioned on polygraph regarding this case, and testing showed that he’s speaking the truth”, said the source which is close to investigation.

From the Prosecution was earlier said that evidence of the supposed account which was 3.8 million euros “heavy” never came from Switzerland. Special prosecution spoke to the Swiss authorities during the summer, via international legal assistance, from whom they asked via a court order to obtain documentation from HSBC bank, however those evidence never came.

After the investigation ends and all necessary data is gathered, the Prosecution will inform Swiss authorities too regarding the case opening.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro