Marovic, Radjenovic and Pavicevic are no longer DPS officials

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Svetozar Marovic, Lazar Radjenovic and Zarko Pavicevic are no longer officials of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS). This was stated at today’s session of the chief DPS committee.

The chairman of the DPS Political Council Svetozar Marovic resigned from all positions in the party on 14 June because, as he said, he wanted to remove the collective responsibility from the party.

Marovic’s resignation was accepted at the DPS committee’s meeting.

“The chief committee noted Svetozar Marovic’s resignation from the position in the committee and as the chairman of the DPS Political Council”, DPS stated.

Svetozar Marovic was arrested on 17 December on suspicion of being involved in illegal activities which cost the municipal budget of Budva tens of millions of euros.

In addition to Marovic, Lazar Radjenovic and Zarko Pavicevic, the former presidents of the municipalities of Budva and Bar, are not members of DPS either.

“The chief committee also noted the termination of Lazar Radjenovic and Zarko Pavicevic’s office in the committee, based on the resignations they submitted”, the party stated.

Lazar Radjenovic was sentenced for the Kosljun affair. There are four criminal charges filed against him on suspicion that, as the president of the Municipality of Budva, he abused his office and along with a dozen other suspects, cost the municipal budget more than €20m.

Former president of the Municipality of Bar Zarko Pavicevic was accused of costing the municipal budget nearly €3m.

Prosecutor’s office suspects Pavicevic of abusing his office and exceeding his official powers in the period 2007–2014 in order to obtain material gain to another legal entity, the Construction Institute of Bar (ZIB).

DPS has wisely carried out transformation processes in Montenegro for 25 years

At the session, DPS congratulated 25th anniversary to all members, supporters, activists and all those who identify themselves with the party.

“The past two and a half decades, DPS was a holder of the overall transformation process in Montenegro. The party has wisely led the country towards democratic states and made it the leader of Euro-Atlantic integration”, DPS stated.

The chief committee adopted a report on the results of the last local elections in Tivat and noted that the party demonstrated its political strength and vision once again and confirmed quality of the party infrastructure.

The committee also noted the importance of the political agreement, which was signed upon DPS’s initiative, and expressed satisfaction with its implementation.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro