Marovic will sign an agreement by 17 May?

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An official of the Democratic Party of Socialists Svetozar Marovic has been visiting daily the Special Prosecutor’s Office where he negotiates with the prosecutor on a plea bargain in eight scandals that have made a multimillion damages to the tourism metropolis, reports ‘’Pobjeda’’.

According to unofficial information of the newspaper, talks with Marovic are not progressing with a pace expected by the Prosecution, but it is expected that both sides will do everything to end the negotiations until 17 May, when Marovic’s detention expires.

When it comes to the penalty it is speculated that the former President of the Parliament of Montenegro will not spend more than four years in jail. Marovic’s pleader, lawyer Zdravko Begovic, citing the secrecy of the proceedings, declined to comment on negotiations but also the length of negotiated sentence.

Prosecution charged Marovic of organizing a criminal group which, using municipal institutions, acquired material gain and caused tens of millions of euros of damage to the citizens of Budva.

Marovic was arrested on 17 December last year in Podgorica, in his apartment in the Vektra building.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro