Marović’s hearing scheduled for August 1st

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Higher Court in Podgorica scheduled a hearing for former official of DPS Svetozar Marović for August 1st in 11h. There will be word on one of two plea bargains Marović signed for the charges of abuse of official position. He admitted to being the main perpetrator in a few of Budva’s affairs.

Second hearing is scheduled for September 8th in Higher Court with judge Dragoje Jović.

According to one of the pleas, he agreed to be incarcerated for 30 months and pay 50.000 EUR to charity.

The other plea bargain has him agreeing to 20 months in prison and damages to the state in the amount of 100.000 EUR, plus 50 thousand more EUR to charity.

Two bargains pertain to 8 affairs and frauds in Budva, in relation to construction of the lower boulevard, road in village Krapina, collector in Bečići, cases „Properti investment” „Kopiraj t”, „Prijevor” and „Jaz i TQ Plaža”.

Higher Court has so far received 14 plea bargains pertaining to these affairs.

Five of them were confirmed by the Court, were perpetrators were charged with 31 months in prison and 20 million EUR.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro