Maybe I’ll stay as parliament speaker

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President of the Montenegrin Parliament Ranko Krivokapic said that it can happen that he remains as the head of the parliament.

Asked whether, after the resignation of the director of Television of Montenegro Radojka Rutovic, he-ll do the same, Krivokapic said that the Prime Minister has spent two months of the opposition’s time.

“The agreement is not linked with my position. It does not mean that they will replace me. Maybe I’ll stay. Voting will be by secret”, Krivokapic said at a press conference with the Head of EU Delegation to Montenegro Mitja Drobnic.

Krivokapic also said that without an agreement he can not convene a session of the Parliament.

“As soon as Lex specialis is passed I will call a meeting”, said Krivokapic stating that he hoped it would be next week.

He also said that there will be no ceremonial signing of the agreement, stating that the realistic deadline for this is Monday. Commenting on the SDP result in the elections in Tivat, Krivokapic said that “seasonal employment at the airport” is ongoing in Tivat.

“Seasonal employment leads to seasonal parties”, said Krivokapic.

Asked whether the secession of a part of the party affected the election result, Krivokapic answered: “The Social Democrats have not seceded from the SDP. SD merged with the DPS. The only party that had the same program in the Parliament for 25 years are we”, Krivokapic said.

Speaking about whether the election results in Tivat are announcement that thety will remain outside of Parliament at the state level, Krivokapic said: “No, SDP is dedicated to most important issues, and that is a peaceful transition of power.”

Krivokapic also believes that the higher turnout in elections in Tivat is a thing of coercion, not free will.

Drobnic on the other hand said that he expects that the negotiations between the government and the opposition on the agreement for free and fair elections end up in a democratic atmosphere.

Commenting on the accusations of the Democratic Front (DF) that some ambassadors are meddling into internal political situation in Montenegro, Drobnic said: “I would not comment on the actions of ambassadors, it is their right. But I would not say that this was meddling.”

Drobnic said that negotiations are proof that Montenegro matures and is ready to take important political decisions.

“It would be desirable that all political actors sign the agreement. The agreement carries the elements of political culture which is important for the future of Montenegro”, Drobnic said at a joint press conference with the President of the Parliament of Montenegro Ranko Krivokapic.a

Source: Radio Television Montenegro