MCN: The first Medal of Honor for Independence should go to Milo Djukanovic

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Montenegrin Cultural Network sent an initiative to the President of Montenegro, Filip Vujanovic, that the first Medal of Montenegrin Independence, which holds special symbolism, be awarded to Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic.

According to MCN, Djukanovic’s victory in the presidential elections of 1997, over Momir Bulatovic, played a key role in the later renewal of Montenegro’s independence.

“With his wise policy, signing of the Belgrade agreement, introducing of the German mark as a means of payment and amending the statute of his party, the DPS, he opened the way for the independence referendum”, the MCN added.

In negotiations with the European Union as a precondition for the renewal of Montenegrin independence, Djukanovic accepted that 55 percent of citizens must say that they want to live in an independent country – which in democratic practice was unheard of.

In the past decade, the MCN noted, Djukanovic was committed to the introduction of Montenegro into the European Union and NATO.

“His conducting of foreign policy gained Montenegro not only international reputation, but recognition and respect of the world’s greatest powers. As a prime minister, Mr. Djukanovic recognized the strategically important investment in sports, which promoted our country around the globe. Our athletes have achieved remarkable results and won medals”, the NGO added hoping that the President won’t deny Mr. Djukanovic the Medal simply because it is not normally awarded to government officials.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro