Medenica: Judges are ready for terrorism-related cases

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In an interview with Dnevne Novine newspaper, the president of the Supreme Court of Montenegro Vesna Medenica said that judges must not be caught unready for the new serious or unusual indictments for any developments classified as crimes, including terrorism.

Commenting on the evidence that state prosecutors collected in relation to the preparation of a terrorist attack, Medenica pointed out that she would not talk about the case until the indictment is issued.

“I’ll be careful, because my professionalism and judicial ethics require not to comment on the case until the indictment is formed. Then I will also talk about that with a lot of caution. But I can tell you that the courts and judges must not be caught unready for a new serious or unusual indictment for any developments classified as crime. They must be ready and there is no concern about the quality of judicial decisions in any criminal matter included in a good indictment. Judges make decisions about lives, freedoms, rights, duties and property of citizens and legal persons and will always perform my honourable judge’s duty in a way that citizens recognise through court decisions that they are fully protected “, Medenica told DN.

She said that everyone should have the same task, meaning the police, special teams, security services, state prosecutors and judges, because it is the only way we can be full guarantor of legal security of citizens.

“The way our security services, the police, and particularly the Special State Prosecutor responded deserves praise, since citizens were reassured by it. From this perspective, it seems that a tragedy has been prevented in Montenegro. These developments, as well as those preceded them, such as hacker attacks, showed that the state must develop and improve future precautious measures and work on the education and training of all those who need to ensure the safety of all our citizens”, Medenica said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro