Media not to lead parallel investigations

Supreme State Prosecutor, Ivica Stankovic, urged the media not to lead a parallel investigation into the situation in Bijelo Polje hospital, stating that it is brought into the zone of possible violations of the presumption of innocence.

Asked whether he can expect new criminal charges in the case of Bijelo Polje hospital, after disclosure of the Commission’s report on the situation at the facility from 2008, he said that the document was forwarded to the Basic Public Prosecution Office in Podgorica.

“I would ask the media not to auction with names that are not kept parallel investigations, because there we enter the zone of the possibility for violations of the presumption of innocence,” he told reporters in Budva, after the opening of the conference strategy for combating violent extremism in Montenegro .

Asked whether it can be expected the work of not only of the Ministry during this period, but of the Board of Directors of Bijelo Polje hospitals to be investigated as well, Stankovic said everyone’s work would be checked if there is a need for that .

Izvor: RTV Montenegro