Mediteran hotel has not been sold yet

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No bids were submitted for selling the Mediteran hotel in Becici near Budva at €37.1m starting price. The luxury hotel is owned by the Maestraltours company.

The bankruptcy trustee, Mladen Markovic, said that the tender was declared unsuccessful because there were no bids.

“There are potential buyers interested in the property and we will call a new tender at a lower price very soon”, Markovic said during the bids opening in the Commercial Court.

In addition to the Mediteran hotel complex, a cadastral plot of 484 square meters was also offered at the tender, as well as the yacht Cranchi Atlantique 40 for €120,000.

The offered assets also include 27 Nisan cars for a total of €102,600, or €3,800 per a vehicle. The total starting price of the Maestraltours’s assets is approximately €37.32m.

The hotel complex was built on a 16,000 square meters plot and includes the four plus stars Mediteran hotel. The hotel has 230 rooms with 547 beds, a board-style and a la carte restaurants, a cafeteria, a beach restaurant-pizzeria, a lobby bar, two restaurant gardens, night club/cabaret, outdoor and indoor swimming pools with Wellness & Spa centre, a fitness club, a beauty and hair salon, a conference centre, an aqua park, fountains, a river and a pond, a TV room, rent-a-car service and a souvenir shop.

The total gross indoor area of the facilities is almost ​20,830 square meters. There is also 11,920 square meters of refurbished outdoor area.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro