Medojevic congratulated Trump: You will bring changes

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The president of the Movement for Changes (PzP) and the DF Presidency member Nebojsa Medojevic congratulated US president-elect Donald Trump on, as he said, an impressive election victory.

“Montenegro, our neighbours in the Balkans and beyond were carefully following US presidential elections with different needs and expectations. I am personally pleased, as well as my political party and the opposition coalition I belong to, with the final outcome of the presidential election in the United States and your victory”, Medojevic said.

According to him, DF wished and expected Trump’s victory.

“We recognise you as a leader who will bring change. We recognise you as a leader who will focus foreign policy of the world’s largest democracy to supporting genuine democratic and reform processes in transition countries, such as Montenegro. We recognise you as a leader who will reject policies of international support to corrupt and criminalised autocracies in the Balkans; the one who will end the current policy of either direct or silent support to regimes that encourage all forms of smuggling, including narcotics and weapons trafficking; the one who will stop policy of supporting regimes that do not see a global threat even in international terrorism, but rather see them as business partners”, said Medojevic.

He is convinced that Trump will use his term of office not only for his contribution to the US progress, but also for establishing good bilateral relations of his administration with truly democratic structures in small transition countries, such as Montenegro.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro