Medojevic: There will be no boycott of elections

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Member of presidency of the Democratic front DF Nebojsa Medojevic excluded the possibility that Front will boycott parliamentary elections scheduled for 16th of October.

Medojevic sadi that DF oesn’t care about announcements for exiting the government of electoral trust from some of the parties from the opposition “troika”, nor the eventual boycott of elections by these parties.

“Montenegro cannot wait a single day more for change of the regime. We are preparing for the elections”, said Medojevic for Pobjeda.

He said that DF needs to finish all preparation activities soon related to elections. These are election program, and parliament members list.

“We have the necessary unity and common spirit from the protests and we’re fully dedicated to preparations for elections”, said Medojevic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro