Medojevic was not questioned about the wounding of Sukovic, but knows something about that case

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Member of the Parliamentary Committee for Security Nebojsa Medojevic has not been questioned regarding the statement that the Prosecutor’s Office knows the identity of the person who recently shot Predrag Sukovic and that the person is living in Sarajevo, Banja Luka and Switzerland. Medojevic told Dnevne Novine newspaper that he did not know who was the person who had shot the former head of the police department for organised crime and that he publicly announced everything he knows about the case.

“I do not know the identity of the perpetrator, but the fact is that since 12 July the head of the High Public Prosecutor’s Office (Vesna Jovicevic) has had information leading to the identification of the man who shot Predrag Sukovic. I have said in the Parliament all I know and no one denied that. The prosecutors are aware I’m telling the truth. I did not say anything they do not know. That is the reason why they did not summon me”, Medojevic told Dnevne Novine.

He said the information he obtained was reliable.

“My findings are from a reliable source of our security services, who notify me when an investigation gets stuck. Those pieces of information are generally very precise”, he said.

Medojevic recently told the media that shooters from the Serb Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia are used for so-called “black operations” between cartels, but also by our security services. Allegedly, they are experienced fighters.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro