Membership as an encouragement for investments

The economic effects of membership in the Alliance cannot be immediately seen, but the membership of Montenegro in NATO would be an encouragement for foreign investors and a reference that recommends a small country, it was announced at NATO’s Business Forum.

According to the national coordinator for NATO, Vesko Garcevic, NATO is not a financial institution and perhaps economic effects of membership cannot be immediately seen.

Garcevic said that the analysis of the economics professors in the United States showed that, out of all 12 countries which joined NATO after the fall of the Berlin Wall, only in Croatia has not been recorded an increase in foreign investment after joining the Alliance as a result of the financial crisis of the country.

All other countries, he said, have a rise in foreign direct investment, which is recorded through the percentage share of foreign direct investment to GDP, from 3.36 per cent to 12.06 per cent in Bulgaria, Albania 3.72 to 9, 12 percent, or from 6.23 to 9.88 per cent in Hungary.

Deputy Minister of Finance, Marija Radenovic, thinks membership of Montenegro in NATO is an additional encouragement for foreign investors, “that would strengthen the perception of investors that Montenegro is a safe destination for their investment.”

Izvor: RTV Montenegro