Membership in NATO for more secure Europe


Montenegro’s membership in NATO will increase the security in the Balkans, as well as throughout Europe, a military attaché of the US Embassy in Podgorica, Lt. Col. Michael Tarkquinto says.

In an interview for the magazine “Partner”, he says that it is expected that there are disagreements about the issue of NATO membership in Montenegro , but that such discussions are an integral part of a free society.

“This means there is no place for the violence in the dialogue. As far as ‘foreign’ opposition to membership, I can only repeat once again what has already been said many times – NATO is a defensive alliance and the accession of Montenegro is not directed against any state “Tarquinto for Partner.

He said that the invitation came thanks to years of efforts of the entire Government and Montenegro , as well.

“I also had the pleasure to make sure that everybody stated that after receiving the invitation begins” real “job. This approach is important, given the fact that the Alliance members are interested in achieving visible progress in reforms, especially when it comes to strengthening the rule of law and increasing public support for NATO, “said a US military attaché.

According to him accession to NATO is very important in economic terms, as foreign investors indicates that Montenegro is a stable country.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro