Membership in NATO historical chance

Membership in NATO is a historic opportunity, necessity and interest of Montenegro and its citizens, said President of the Montenegrin Democratic Union (CDU), Miodrag Vlahovic.

He yesterday met with Ambassador of Hungary, Christian Posh, reported CDU.

Vlahovic thanked Posh on, as he said, continuous friendly attitude and support of Hungary to our country, especially in the context of Euro-Atlantic integration.

“The President of the CDU also expressed satisfaction that Hungary has taken over the role of the contact embassy of NATO with Montenegro in the year when it is expected that our country gets the invitation to join the Alliance,” the statement said.

Vlahovic reiterated the fundamental opinion of the CDU, that membership in NATO was a historical chance, necessity and interest of Montenegro and its citizens.

Montenegro, says Vlahovic, today needs a clear and stable coalition with NATO, and not one based on the view that the alliance should not even be mentioned.

“Montenegrin policies should move in the direction of the invitation for NATO – elections – a decision for NATO. All other scenarios carry the potential danger for our country and our interests, and could mean the abandonment of the Atlantic integration, with unforeseeable consequences for Montenegrin independence and our territorial integrity, ” he argues.

According to Vlahovic, membership in NATO should be the motivation and logic of establishing political alliances and new coalitions, because the challenge facing Montenegro is of enormous importance for the preservation and affirmation of all Montenegrin political and security as well as economic and cultural capacities.

“Such an understanding and cooperation of political factors should be the impetus for the expansion and consolidation of citizens’ support for NATO membership. Vlahovic also pointed out that, in this context, there is an undoubted responsibility of the political structures in favor of Montenegrin membership in NATO to make their commitments clear, indisputable and definitive, as well as to reveal all the reasons and the need for our membership in the Alliance. Indecision and vagueness on that front impact on reducing the chances of the existence of excuses and justifications to call with Montenegro stalling. This need is particularly evident because of the more open opposition and obstruction of those countries that do not want to see Montenegro in the Alliance, “concludes the statement.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro