Membership in NATO will position us as a safe touristic destination

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Euroatlantic integrations are one of the priorities of the national politics, and it will provide many benefits for torustic economy, it was a message from the hoteliers in the TV show Business info on TVCG.

,,NATO is one of the biggest consumers and we, as a future member of the Alliance, if we’re competitive with our goods and services, have this big market at our disposal”, thinks the director of the biggest Montenegrin hotel Splendid in Becici, Zarko Radulovic. His colleague from Queen of Montenengro, Dragan Ivancevic added that sefety and security are significant prerequisites for the development of tourism and creation of desirable touristic destination.

,,NATO is a system that guarantees safety not only to tourists but also to investors, so joining the NATO is something very important for attracting large tour operators and investors to our country”, said Ivancevic. Representatives of the touristic economy also explained that membership in NATO also guarantees certain ecological standards and rules in environment protection so the problems in this area will be solved much fastr when we become a full member of North Atlantic alliance.

Public information company TVCG has a show series Business info, which is realized in cooperation with Communication team of the Council for membership in NATO. Prodram segment has a short form of presenting significant news and events in business community of Montenegro.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro