Membership to secure future of youth

Minister of Tourism and Sustainable Development, Branislav Gvozdenovic, called on the youth to participate in the dialogue on Euro-Atlantic integration, saying that NATO membership provides security and prosperity for the country.

He has held a lecture and discussion with studentsUniversity of the Mediterranean today, on the issue “My attitude depends on my interests, beliefs, lifestyle and sense of belonging.”

Gvozdenovic said that it is important for Montenegro to become a NATO member, because of the turbulent area of its position.

He said that the percentage of support needs to be increased, “every vote is important for policy, direction and vision of development” .

Gvozdenovic stressed that young people need to give their voice and express their opinions.

He said he is proud of what has been done in the country in the last ten years, adding “But it is natural that you, as young people, are looking for a better and more”.

According to him, it is important that young people advocate the path of progress.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro