Memorandum on cooperation signed: Prevent family violence

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Ministry of Human and Minority Rights and NGO Women’s Rights Center signed today a Memorandum on cooperation, in order to intensify future joint activities. Ministry expressed respect for the role organizations of civic society play in democratic society, as well as their contribution to spreading the idea of human rights and liberties in Montenegro.

“Memorandum was signed in order to enable us to take future strategic measures to prevent family violence and provide credible mechanism to protect victims and pursue perpetrators of such acts”, it was said in this Ministry.

Montenegro signed Istanbul Convention that came in force on August 1st 2014. This Convention obliges all the actors in the state – institutions, NGOs, media, to work to prevent violence.

In the following period, there will be educational programs in the area of women’s rights, gender equality and gender based violence, activities on creating a report on implementation of international obligations in this field, and implementation of EU and UN mechanisms for gender equality and women’s rights protection.

“Signatories will cooperate closely to exchange information and implement projects and activities that aim to improve gender equality, stop violence in families and protect women’s rights”, the statement reads.

In the past year, protection of victims of violence was regulated by following laws: Law on amendments on Law on gender equality, Law on anti-discrimination of persons with disabilities, Law on amendments on Law on free legal aid, Law on reimbursements for victims of criminal violence, Strategy for protection from family violence.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro