Merkel to Đukanović: Bundestag to ratify the Protocol

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke with Prime Minister Milo Đukanović in Warsaw and congratulated Montenegro for its new role in NATO, saying that Bundestag will ratify the Protocol.

She was especially interested to hear about Montenegro’s progress in EU integration, and offered Germany’s help on that path.

Prime Minister Đukanović thanked Germany, and Chancellor Merkel personally, for continued support and help to Montenegro in the process of integration.

“Our country has value for experiences of Germany in dual education and attracting German investors”, he said.

In this context, the rule of law is especially significant, it was said in the Government.

Đukanović said that due attention is already being paid, and that our pace is good, with focus on results.

Prime Minister underscored the importance of Berlin Process that gave a new quality to EU’s policies for Western Balkan, and he thanked Chancellor Merkel.

They exchanged opinions on economic and development matters of Montenegro.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro