Message from Slovakia: EU expansion is the best thing for the reconciliation in Western Balkan

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President of the Parliament Darko Pajović estimated that EU expansion is the best things for reconciliation in Western Balkan. He made this statement in Bratislava, where he is taking part in Inter-Parliamentary Conference on Common Foreign and Security Policy and on Common Security and Defence Policy.

Pajović spoke in the discussion on “EU as a global player, looking for efficient multilateral diplomatic model”.

He reminded that negative experience in South-Eastern Europe showed that Europe cannot be stable if Balkan is not stable.

“Expansion policy is of great importance, as it is a key instrument in strengthening regional cooperation and reconciliation on Western Balkan”, Pajović said.

He added that the credibility of expansion policy is very important for candidate countries that are making progress in this process.

Pajović said that Montenegro is continuing to promote neighbourly relations in the region.

“Peace and stability in Montenegro are something we are proud of, compared to countries in the region. We firmly believe that during next year we will become a member of NATO, and work to promote peace and safety in Montenegro and whole Western Balkan”, Pajović said.

Earlier today, he met President of Foreign Politics Committee of EU Parliament Elmar Brok. Pajović thanked Brok for continued support in the process of Montenegro’s EU integration.

Press release states that Pajović announced formation of informal group of friendship for Montenegro in EU Parliament, that will serve to further strengthen cooperation with this institution.

Pajović reminded that Montenegro is dedicated to reach its two key goals, membership in EU and in NATO.

„In order to reach these goals, the Government of electoral trust showed democratic maturity and stability in face of political challenges”, he said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro