Metropolitan Amfilohije: Montenegro is becoming Miserablenegro

PODGORICA – Montenegro-littoral Metropolitan of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Amfilohije, stated that Montenegro is in danger to, from ecological, become Sodom state, according to the Montenegrin news “Vijesti”.

Metropolitan Amfilohije once more deplored the Pride parade which is going to be held on 2. November in Podgorica, writes the daily.

“It is unknown what will be more glorious on the ‘Pride parade’ on the 2. November, the day of St. Peter of Cetinje and St. Peter II of Lovchen Tajnovidac, the fact that Montenegro is in danger to, from ecological, become Sodom state, or that the Europe (the antichrist one) will finally succeed in putting Montenegro below itself as a sign of the fulfillment of conditions for integrations and its full affirmation of human rights and freedom”, stated Metropolitan.

According to him, “anyway, one thing is certain – on that day, from that same sex marriage, Njegos’ glorious Montenegro has all preconditions to give birth to Miserablenegro and start giving birth to Miserablenegrin”.

Archpriest of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro, Velibor Dzomic, invited believers to restrain from violence on Sunday, during the LGBT parade on the streets of Podgorica. “I invite all the believers of the Serbian Orthodox Church to ignore that event on 2. November and stay at their homes. I invite all the people with good will who want to hear the word of the church, because it is clear that certain group is feeding itself with violence and causes it. Therefore, we do not call for, or organize any mess and violence”, said Dzomic.

Source: InSerbia News (Montenegro)