MICE tourism is increasingly important for Podgorica-based hotels

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MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences and events) tourism is a very important market segment within the tourist facilities business, making it necessary to constantly take measures for its improvement, representatives of Podgorica-based hotel say.

The executive sales manager of the Aurel hotel, Ivana Mickovic, says that the hotel is constantly working on improving MICE tourism and expanding client list, having in mind its conference capacity.

“The hotel has two conference halls and one smaller, meetings room”, she told the Mina-business news agency.

Mickovic says that the capacity of the two conference halls is 20–30 seats in smaller hall and 50–80 seats in the larger one. She adds that there is possibility of joining the halls in order to obtain the capacity of up to 150 seats.

When it comes to hotel occupancy, Mickovic says that it amounts to 60 per cent, but it varies depending on the events organised.

“The occupancy varies depending on the events that are held at the hotel and period of a week. On certain days, the occupancy reaches up to 90 per cent. In the coming period, particularly in May, even higher occupancy rate of hotels is expected. It is a period when there are numerous events, such as conferences, seminars and various presentations”, she adds.

According to the representative of the hotel Podgorica, Nevenka Lekic, when it comes to MICE tourism, the hotel has two conference halls of various capacities.

“The conference halls are fully equipped for presentations, seminars and conferences,” Lekic says.

She adds that they are taking activities aimed at stimulating MICE tourism, given that it affects the extension of guest stay.

“In order to encourage the development of MICE tourism, we offer special packages with discounts for accommodation and use of MICE capacities”, Lekic says.

When it comes to occupancy, the hotel is 70–80 per cent occupied on weekdays, which is a satisfactory.

“On weekends, the occupancy rate of hotels is lower, but we are satisfied, having in mind the favourable announcements for the coming period”, Lekic says.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro