Migrants sought asylum in Montenegro



The police informed that 17 migrants, which sailed into Port of Zelenika yesterday, sought asylum in Montenegro. Police also said that for now nothing indicates that migrants were victims of trafficking.

“After having found that the persons in question are asylum-seekers in Montenegro, in organization of UNHCR all of the 17 persons were transferred to the Asylum Center. Please note that since they are asylum-seekers in Montenegro, their requests are to bi decided in accordance with the positive legal regulations and within the legally prescribed deadline, ” the police said.

The police noted that the activities of police officers and competent prosecutor “for now, do not indicate that these 17 persons were smuggled across the border by other persons, that is, that they were victims of trafficking.”

“The police will certainly continue the investigation in this case, but the investigation will, among other things, be lead in this direction also, in order to determine all relevant facts,” the police said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro