Mihailo insulted, hearing postponed

The public hearing on the Draft Law on freedom of religion was postponed by the decision of the Minister Suad Numanovic after the incidents in Bijelo Polje caused by SPC believers.

A large number of supporters of the Serbian Orthodox Church gathered today in front of the hotel “Franca” in Bijelo Polje, where a public hearing was supposed to be held.

They have publicly protested against the presence of CPC Metropolitan Mihailo. In a “combustible” atmosphere, as reported by our reporter, they shouted slogans “Satan out” and “Ustasha out.”

After that, the Minister for Human and Minority Rights Suad Numanovic announced that public hearing will not be held today.

The Diocese of Montenegro and the Littoral (MCP) were not satisfied with a Draft Law on freedom of religion that was supposed to be discussed in Bijelo Polje today.

MCP previously said that the Draft Law on freedom of religion was legally useless and contrary to the tradition of activities of religious communities in Montenegro.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro