Mijovic arrested on suspicion of having kidnapped Medin

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Darko Mijovic (26) was arrested this morning in Podgorica on suspicion of having kidnapped Nemanja Medin.

As Portal Analitika learns, police suspects that Mijovic and Vladimir Ulama kidnapped Nemanja Medin. Appartments of the two persons were searched in the same action.

Police suspects that during the commission of the crime, Mijovic and Vladimir Ulama were helped by Zoran Muhadinovic, Marko Vujacic and Bogdan Milic, who were charged with the criminal offense of assistance to the perpetrator after the commission of the offense.

The police will have a press conference during the day, where more details about the kidnapping of Nemanja Medin will be announced. Milic and Ulama are already in the Institute for Execution of Criminal Sanctions (ZIKS) for some time now because the police charged them with the crime of illegal possession of weapons and explosives.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro