Milic: I am starting a hunger strike

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The trial in the case of attempted terrorism during the election day continued in the Podgorica High Court. The defendant Branka Milic said that she begins a hunger strike because of, she said, numerous harassments and violations of her human rights.

Today’s hearing began with the testimony of the defendant Branka Milic.

She said that due to numerous violations of her human rights, she addressed several times to the Trial Chamber, regarding the supervision of detainees, in order to inspect the were the conditions of her detention.

Responding to the defense questions she said that she did not know who Eduard Shishmakov, Vladimir Popov, nor witness associate Aleksandar Sindjelic were.

“I think that I was chosen for this from institutions in Serbia, to whom the facts that I presented in my decennial work did not suit,” Milic said.

The court rejected the motion for the termination of the custody of the accused Milic, Milan Dusic, Srboljub Djordjevic and Dragan Maksic.

At yesterday’s hearing, the High Court rejected the request to dismiss the indictment and suspend the proceedings on terrorism during the election day.

The court rejected the motion to terminate the detention the defendants Milic, Milan Dusic, Srboljub Djordjevic and Dragan Maksic.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro