Milić: There can not be a new blockade in the Parliament

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Leader of SNP Srđan Milić said that the opposition should not demonstrate their disagreement with Pajović’s election by blocking the work of the Parliament and not participating in discussions.

Leader of SNP commented on the work of the new ministers in the Government so far.

“In SNP we do not give out comments, and I hope that these new ministers accomplish their goals. We will do everything for the concrete results to be visible in the next elections, that should finally be fair and free”, Milić said to Antena M.

Leader of Positive Montenegro has recently been chosen as the President of the Parliament, and the formal coalition with DPS is in the works. Darko Pajović said that this is the only logical step, and that they have done what the opposition can not do. Milić has his own explanation.

‘It is clear that this coalition is just formalization of an agreement that came to be around 2015 between DPS and Positive. We all entered the parliamentary dialogue in order to get free and fair elections, except DF”, he said.

Representatives are chosen by people to fight for their rights in the Parliament. By not participating in the work, a further space for DPS manipulations is opened.

“When it comes to SNP being in the Parliament, well, that is the reason we were chosen, and we will continue to solve citizens’ problems no matter who the president is. Because we did not boycott, we had an opportunity to introduce the voters to our politics of the last four years”, he said.

He invited all the parties to carry on with the work.

“Our displeasure with Pajović was demonstrated by not voting for him. This will be the case with everything presented by DPS that goes against citizens’ interests”, Milić said.

Does that mean that dissatisfaction with Pajović should be demonstrated in a different way?

”It is clear that, if you boycott, you leave the space for DPS to pass the laws without the parties that do not support them. Then, it would go against your own benefit and against the benefit of the citizens”, he said.

There can be no new blockade in the Parliament.

“We think citizens should get what they expect from their representatives – dedicated work to define the best possible legal frameworks for the laws that are in procedure”, Milić concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro