Milic to present plan on coalition with Lekic?

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SNP’s leader Srdjan Milic is to present the plan for a coalition with Miodrag Lekic’s Demos, at today’s session of SNP’s executive board, Pobjeda newspaper learnt.

The session is scheduled for 3pm. According to Pobjeda, Milic will probe the position of the party authorities on the pre-election coalition with Demos.

After the session of the party’s executive committee, a meeting of the SNP’s main board will be held no later than 28 August and the final decision should be made then.

Two thirds of the SNP’s main board have to support the idea on the coalition for it to be adopted.

Meeting of the executive committee followed a session of the Parliament speaker’s collegiums, at which Milic presented results of the negotiations held so far to the closest associates.

The only obstacle in forming the coalition could be Demos’s informal request that Lekic be the leader of the list of candidates for the elections, as well as that most of the names on the list be from Demos.

According to the informal proposal, Lekic would be the first candidate on the electoral register and Demos would have eight places in the top 16, whereas one would belong to an independent figure.

According to Pobjeda’s sources from SNP, the main board is not likely to accept such a proposal.

Milic’s key opponents within SNP, Aleksandar Damjanovic and the mayor of Berane Dragoslav Scekic, have nothing against the coalition with Demos, provided that this is a fair deal and programme coalition.

Damjanovic was even involved in negotiations with Lekic and Danilovic. Milic was aware of that but did not attend these meetings.

Damjanovic and Scekic are attending today’s session of SNP executive committee.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro