Milic to resign

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Eight members of the SNP Board of Plav called, in an open letter to the leaders of the party, Srdjan Milic, to resign.

The request was signed by Zoran Jokic, a member of the Main Board of SNP and members of the Municipal Committee of the SNP in Plav , Milos Paunovic, Branislav Dasic, Vukomir Otasevic, Dragic Garcevic, Ljubisa Zivaljevic, Milic Milovic and Aleksandar Soskic.

“After much thought, not wanting in any way to undermine the unity and reputation of the SNP as a long time the strongest opposition party, we have decided to address you with this letter as president of the SNP and urge you to immediately resign from all positions in the party. We have decided to take this step because you as president of the SNP consciously or unconsciously, intentionally or unintentionally, degraded the reputation of the party and the activity of members and bodies of the party made so passive that our Party has become a party with little prestige and influence on political developments in Montenegro “, it is said in an open letter, reports portal Antena M.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro