Milic tragedian of SNP

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The latest developments in the SNP point to another split in that party, political analyst Zlatko Vujovic said.

He said that it was not a surprise that functioning of the SNP caused dissatisfaction of some members, who did not want former leader Srdjan Milic to rule the party out of the shadow .

“The effect of the SNP’s management by Mr. Milic is catastrophically bad for that party. And instead of going and leaving the party, and allowing those who remain to elect a leadership that would allow consolidation and improvement of the chances in the upcoming parliamentary elections, Mr. Milic wants to control the process to the end and to encourage already announced divisions” Vujovic said for the public broadcaster.

He considers that Milic is “a tragedian of the SNP’s destiny”.

“This is already the third break in his mandate, and he still wants to keep control of the party,” Vujovic said.

The SNP’s Main Board made the decision yesterday to convene the Eighth Party Congress on August 13, when the new party president will be elected.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro