Milo will be president if he decides to run

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Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) leader Milo Djukanovic will be the country’s president if he decides to run, Parliament Speaker Ivan Brajovic is convinced.

Asked if he thinks that Djukanovic will run for the president of Montenegro, Brajovic said that it would be only Djukanovic’s decision, but that if the DPS leader decides to run, he believes he will be the head of state.

Brajovic, who is on an official visit to Serbia, said that the relations between Podgorica and Belgrade are having an upward trend and that they have never been better in the last decade.

Speaking about the position of the Montenegrin minority in Serbia and Serbian in Montenegro, Brajovic told Radio Television Serbia that he would like Montenegrins in Serbia to be loyal to Serbia, but not to forget the motherland.

“I think the same for the citizens of Serbia in Montenegro. I think that the story of a bad position is being put on by those who want to use national pronouncement for easy political positioning in the system and do not contribute to the good relations between the two countries,” said the Montenegrin Parliament Speaker.

Commenting on the preparation of the Declaration on the Protection of the Serbian Language and the Identity of Serbs in the Region, and on the question of whether he thinks that the identity and the Serbian language are endangered in Montenegro, Brajovic said that the Constitution of Montenegro and the laws define the protection of the right to language.

“I think that Montenegro should be an affirmative example for these cases. When you mentioned the declaration, I must say that the declarations and memoranda, as I have experience from our near past, indicate that we should be careful with them,” Brajovic said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro