Milošević: Đukanović announced our status on elections

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We have realized from the research that our strength for the elections is big and we really wish to show it this time, said political director of DPS Tarzan Milošević to Dan daily. The matter of elections is not an individual decision but a subject for steering committee.

“The public could hear our president say that we will probably go alone for these elections, with a note that the final decision is for DPS steering committee to make. The decision will be reached during a session in September. That is a plan, but perhaps it will happen sooner. For now, we took a note from the research and realized that our strength in going alone is big and we want to show it this time”, Milošević said.

Speaking of the Government of electoral trust, he said that it was a step forward.

“As far as the Government of electoral trust goes, Prime Minister is more competent to speak on the subject. Vice Prime Minister Duško Marković said that he is pleased with its functioning, and I want to believe that what was done so far was a step forward in many issues”, he said.

It remains to be seen whether the trust can be fully achieved. He claims that DPS wants the Government to continue on this path.

His comment on cutting the live stream from the Parliament was to ask for comment from the leadership of the Parliament.

“When it comes to these subjects, the Parliament needs to respect the laws and regulations passed. They should reach decisions without party interests. In the case of live stream, we have political subjects who are not in the Parliament but are going to be on elections, and they do not get the same treatment as the parties in the Parliament”, Milošević said.

“Some kind of measure must be found. The sessions go on, and so do live streams. There are ten more days left in the Parliament, and this matter should be left to the Collegium. We will accept their majority”, he said.

Parliamentary elections of 2012, DPS was in coalition with SDP, but their coalition failed by the end of their mandate. When SDP left, Milo Đukanović said that it was still uncertain how will DPS go for the next elections, but he said they are considering going solo.

President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović scheduled the elections for October 16th. No less than 60 or more than 100 days can pass between the date of scheduling and the date of holding the elections. Previous ones were held on October 14th 2012. Upcoming elections will be tenth since the multi party system has begun in Montenegro, and fourth since Montenegro gained independence.

Milošević said that since getting NATO invitation, the support for the membership increased.

“Referendum would be clearly won by those voting yes to membership. The decision will be reached by the new Parliament, and I believe this is clear to everyone”, Milošević said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro