Ministers remain in the Government

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Deputy Prime Minister Milorad Vujovic, and the Ministers of Labour and Social Welfare, and Agriculture and Rural Development, Boris Maric and Budimir Mugosa will remain in the government of electoral trust.

“For every decision we need wisdom, it takes time and that decision must be in the interest of the citizens of Montenegro. Guided by this principles and heart, we unanimously decided to stay in the government of electoral trust,” Deputy Prime Minister, Milorad Vujovic said at the press conference.

Vujovic said that inefficient use of state property and squandering of resources was determined. He added that he would meet the special prosecutor after the press in order to give him the part of the documentation.

“There are indications that control of collection of tax debt in 2012, 2013 and 2014 for large companies in the area of ​​mobile telephony were conducted illegally, at some companies,” Vujovic said.

“We had consultations with representatives of all political parties. Position of the SDP and Demos was that the three of us stay in power. The position of URA was that we should decide by ourselves. Zarko Rakcevic said he would not mind if we stay. We believe that it is better at this time to stay, “Vujovic said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro