Ministry of economy expecting a contract between EPCG and Skoda Praha in following weeks

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Ministry of economy is expecting that Electric power company of Montenegro (EPCG) will finalize the contract with Czech company Skoda Praha in following weeks, regarding the construction of the second block of Thermal power plant (TE) Pljevlja.

Minister of economy, Vladimir Kavaric said on Thursday that there is no delay when it comes to development projects such as construction of the second block of TE Pljevlja, it was reported by Pobjeda.

Similar statement was also given earlier by vice president of the government, Vujica lazovic, who announced that negotiating teams will try to make a deal for a lower price than initially offered one which stands at 338 million euros.

“I believe that we will soon reach a deal regarding certain formulation in the contract. It is good that both sides in this partnership are trying to protect their interests”, said Lazovic then.

He also announced that very soon a signing of an international agreement between Montenegro and Czech Republic will happen.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro