Ministry: PinkM paid its tax debt during the committee’s session

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Ambiguities related to PinkM TV’s tax debt are finally becoming clear. According to the Ministry of Finance, it was a kind of playing with time. As it said, PinkM paid its tax debt during the session of the Committee for Economy, Finance and Budget on Monday, at which minister Rasko Konjevic announced information he obtained before the meeting.

PinkM TV’s unpaid liabilities for taxes and social welfare contributions amount to €24,993, it was said at a meeting between representatives of the Tax Administration and this television.

It is almost 10 times less than the amount announced on Monday by finance minister Rasko Konjevic referring to the information obtained from the very Tax Administration.

The Finance Ministry explained what the stumbling block of these vague data was.

For the purposes of the control hearing and responding to reporting of certain media, on Friday 17 June, the ministry required Tax Administration to submit official information on unpaid tax liabilities of media outlets in Montenegro.

Tax Administration director Miomir M. Mugosa, submitted the requested data to finance minister Rasko Konjevic, on Monday 20 June, just before the start of the control hearing.

“Given the different public interpretations related to the Pink TV Company’s debt, the Tax Administration submitted to the Ministry of Finance information on the tax debt of the media outlet on Monday, 20 June at 10am”, the ministry stated, adding that in that very moment the tax debt of the company amounted to €201,845.82.

“The structure of this debt was as follows: €145,845.82 is related to liabilities for taxes and contributions and value added tax (taxes and contributions – €123,414.87, VAT – €22,430.95); according to Tax Administration, PinkM TV’s liabilities for taxes and contributions amount to €28,000 a month, meaning that the total debt for April and May amounted to €56,000. Therefore, bearing in mind the aforementioned things, the total amount of debt on Monday at 10am amounted to €201,845.82”, the ministry said.

The ministry stated that the TV Pink Company had paid €52,302.91 in the course of Monday. Out of the sum, €22,430.95 referred to VAT and it was paid at 11:35am, whereas €29,873.96 referred to taxes and contributions on personal income and it was paid after 2pm.

“We emphasise that the tax debt of other media outlets was determined in the same manner as it was done in the case of the aforementioned taxpayer and that the public was informed about that during the hearing on Monday”, the ministry pointed out.

“If Tax Administration has submitted any false information to the Ministry of Finance, the accountability will be determined”, the ministry added.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro