Minorities: Cooperation with opposition unnatural, they called us satellites, now they offer functions

#ManjinskePartije #Pregovori


Parties that represent national minorities BS, Forca and HGI still have not made a definitive decision on who to support in forming new government, but CdM reliably learns that they would rather support the leadership than Democratic Front.

After the platform of minority parties is agreed upon, they will negotiate with DPS on Wednesday.

This was confirmed today by Vice Prime Minister and DPS prime minister candidate Duško Marković, saying that the negotiations between DPS and minorities are successful and will be finalized in the following two days.

“It is quite natural to negotiate with DPS first, as it is unnatural to negotiate with those who called us satellites and other derogatory names. This is what they called us until 16th, now they want us to cooperate”, the source said to CdM.

The other source said that minorities would rather go with DP than DF.

CdM learns that the minorities still have not agreed upon positions that would ask of DPS.

Employment solutions are not part of the platform, but of individual contracts.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro