Minority parties require ministries and editorial positions in the public broadcaster

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Minority parties prepared negotiation platform Minority parties’ negotiation platform to be offered to DPS will be signed by the end of the week at the latest. Dnevne Novine’s sources from these parties explained what the parties would request from their future coalition partners after the platform was signed.

Croatian Civic Initiative’s (HGI) president Marija Vucinovic said that the platform was still being deliberated and that it would be finished within the next two days. Asked what positions they would require from coalition partners, she said that they would have realistic requirements.

“We will not have megalomaniac requests… We will ask what is realistically achievable and what we pointed out in our election campaign. These are for example concessions for ports, but personnel solutions are not finished yet”, Vucinovic told DN.

She explained that minority parties would have a common platform, but that each party would sign a special annex with future partners specifying its requirements.

The Bosniak Party (BS) prepared an offer for future associates. They will demand that Deputy Prime Minister Rafet Husovic remain in that position.

In addition, BS will request positions in four more ministries: labour and social welfare, agriculture, one position of a minister without portfolio and a position within the new ministry for diaspora, if it is formed.

Former MP for BS and the party official Resad Sijaric confirmed that for DN. He also mentioned that a common platform would define what is of each party’s interest, and it is not expected there would be overlapping with the other platform signatories’ requirements.

The Albanian Resolute coalition (Forca, the Albanian Alternative and the Democratic Union of Albanians – DUA) has also prepared the requirements for future partners.

According to information obtained by DN, they will request the positions of the vice president for the political system in the government and the minister of tourism.

They want more of their staff in state institutions

DN has had access to the draft platform prepared by minority parties for the ruling party. It summarises the objectives of the minority parties in 13 key points.

Among other things, the draft platform states that the minority parties’ objectives include strengthening stability and cohesion in Montenegro, accelerating Euro-Atlantic integration, as well as the further democratising society in accordance with the regulations and standards of the EU.

One of the minority parties’ objectives will be proportional representation, ie the implementation of the right to representation in employment of minorities in all state bodies and institutions, the judicial authorities, as well as public services and local governments, which is guaranteed by the Constitution and the law.

Also, the platform signatories will seek the amendment of the electoral legislation that would allow affirmative action with the aim of guaranteeing seats to Albanians in Montenegro.

They will also require “improving the system of education in minority languages at all levels”.

“The reform of the education system should guarantee quality control, de-politicisation and improvement of education in all segments, including the necessary infrastructure in schools. The revision of school curricula in order to eliminate negative stereotypes and content that offend the feelings of minorities in any way”, it is one of the stated objectives.

Minority parties will also seek the adequate participation of minority peoples in culture and education programmes, as well as forming editorial boards for minorities in the public broadcaster (RTCG) and RTCG regional TV stations.

“Improving the personnel structure in technical and journalistic staff of the public broadcaster and editorial positions from the ranks of competent representatives of the minority peoples”, the draft platform states.

The document also says that each of minority people political entities will conclude special agreements with the joint coalition partner.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro