Mirzazade: Great relations, even better cooperation

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Charge d’affaires of the diplomatic mission of Azerbaijan in Montenegro Sejran Mirzazade said that, after four years in our country, he is pleased with results accomplished.

“I was a witness to building a better relationship in all areas between Montenegro and Azerbaijan, which I find very pleasing”, he said.

Speaking of life in Montenegro, he admitted he knew very little about the country before moving here.

“I knew it was former Yugoslavia, what is the capital city, where is it and how big is it. I think I was lucky to meet such a country and such people, dedicated to their tradition, proud and dignified, peaceful, hospitable, tolerant, with a clear and successful road ahead”, he said.

He commented on Portonovi project.

“Tourist village Portonovi in Kumbor, where a hotel complex One&Only is under construction, is first in Europe built by Azerbaijan company Azmont Investments, and it is one of the largest foreign investments of Azerbaijan. This project holds a special place in relationship of two states. It is all going according to plan”, he said.

He said he met people who have high moral standards.

“For example, I was impressed by a saying: “Open the doors to those who are hunted, close them to those who hunt.” No matter its size, Montenegro holds a strong identity and this is why it can be a refuge for tens of thousands of people”, he said.

He said he felt at home in Montenegro, surrounded by friends and colleagues.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro