MNE planning to reach two percent of GDP for defense expenditures by 2024

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Montenegro, as a future NATO member, plans to reach the demanded level of expenditures for defense which is 2 percent of annual GDP by the year of 2024. This includes administrative, operational, modernization expenses as well as military pensions, it was said to Pobjeda by Ministry of defense.

This is an ongoing topic among NATO members too especially because of a complex security situation. General secretary of the Alliance Jens Stoltenberg said on a recently held summit in Warsaw that the Alliance will increase defense expenditures. Leader of the Alliance estimated that European countries and Canada will spend 3% more on defense compared to last year, which will amount to 8 billion US dollars.

Our country is taking necessary steps to increase defense expenditures too in order to reach NATO standards.

By choosing to become a NATO member Montenegro accepted the responsibility of reforms and reaching NATO standards whoch also include budget expenditures for defense at the level of 2% from annual GDP. The plan is to increase spending gradually in order to reach the level of 2% by the year of 2024.

During recent years, Montenrgrin spending on defense was approximately 1.5% of GDP, it was said from Ministry of defense.

Military analyst Aleksandar Radic said that among European members a “long neglecting of defense needs” was evident.

He thinks that the 2% of GDP for defense is not a NATO condition, but an invitation to follow the idea which would be equal for everyone, and that is the mechanism of collective responsibility.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro