Momir Djurovic leaving by the end of July?

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Assembly of the Montenegrin academy of science and art formally entered the process of election of the new president yesterday, who should replace academic Momir Djurovic. According to Dnevne newspaper sources, electoral Assembly of CANU should be held at the second half of July, between 20th and 30th of this month.

According to the Statute of the national academy of art and sciences, the president is chosen out of regular members. Candidates can be proposed by: 10 members of CANU and Academy’s departments which are four: natural, social, human sciences and Department for arts.

The proposal should be submitted in written form at least 10 days prior to the Assmebly where the voting will happen.

Djurovic has been the head of the Montenegrin academy of sciences and arts since 2002.

Current mandate of his has began in second half of the 2012.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro