Money is lacking, but for now everything is functioning regularly

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Ministry of finance is investing efforts, in spite of the lack of money, to finance its obligations regularly in accordance with the law, it was said to Dnevne newspaper from this institution.

“All obligations at the beginning of August were regularly serviced even with the lower income than planned for 14 million euros compared to the plan predicted by the budget for 2016”, it was explained from the ministry of finance which is led by Rasko Konjevic.

From the Ministry of finance emphasized that they already pointed out that the budget for 2016 is missing 17 million euros for payments of salaries under the new law, and 35 million euros for reimbursements for mothers with three or more children.

“Also, the budget didn’t include expenses for payment of installements for several public companies so at the beginning of August we were forced to pay an installment of the loan for Montenegrin Sailing public company at the suggestion by Ministry of transport, in order for the warranty that the government provided for this loan not to be activated”, it was emphasized from Ministry of finance and added that pensions will be regularly paid.

Besides the fact that there isn’t enough money in the budget, it is expected that the Government will find a solution and that it will not allow for the salaries and pensions to be endangered which didn’t happen since 2006.

Considering the fact that there isn’t enough money for servicing some obligations, Ministry of finance has already prepared a proposal for rebalance the budget which will be, as it seems now, around 60 million euros “heavy”.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro