Montenegrin Government to Zaharova: A step too far

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Harsh words again between Moscow and Podgorica. After public representative of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Marija Zaharova said that the responsibility for Montenegro’s anti-Russian direction is within the leadership in Podgorica, Prime Minister said that he does not wish to break good relations with Russia, but that Montenegro will decide its own fate.

“Moscow style of poor diplomacy confirms Prime Minister’s words”, they said in the Government.

Zaharova also said that Đukanović is intentionally looking to break traditionally good relations of Moscow and Russia.

“She speaks with no basis in truth. Montenegro is trying to improve its relations with Russia. Montenegro’s Government acts upon its words, and now visa regime for Russian citizens increased from 30 to 90 days”, they said in the Government.

We will decide our NATO path, not Russia.

“Whether we will reach our decision on a referendum, it is up to us, not Russia”, they said in the Government.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro