Montenegrin handball player has become CdM’s reporter: We attracted Brazilians’ attention by playing beach volleyball without a ball!

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All media will inform you about the Olympics. However, only CDM has its reporter among Montenegrin national team! This is our handball player, Biljana Pavicevic. Our handball players have attracted attention of the audience in Brazil by playing beach volleyball with an imaginary ball.

I have to say that I’m incredibly pleased that I am part of this event for the first time in my career. Although we look forward to the opening of the games, we think only about the match against Spain.

There are huge numbers of people in the Olympic village and most of us are in one place during the meals.

When it comes to our obligations during the preparations, they do not differ much from other major competitions.

After dinner we got the time off, so we could walk around the village. We were interesting to the people who were walking beside because we played beach volleyball without the ball.

We imagined that we throw “the ball” over the network, so we quickly gathered audience. In any case, it was another interesting experience and preparation for the start of the games.

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I am looking forward for beginning of the games.

Many greetings from Rio!

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro